Maddi Rose

About Me

Born in the tiny country town of Smithton, Tasmania, the famous island state off the bottom of mainland Australia, Maddi grew up in an environment where old fashioned principles of integrity, family, and faith are still paramount.

Growing up Maddi become well know for her effervescent personality, not to mention being LOUD, where a smile was always on her face…. and she was ‘in your face’! Super talkative at school and known for ‘smelling the roses’ along the way, even though a capable student, she was always destined to find herself in the arts.

Although Maddi enjoys running for fitness and swimming, especially at the beach, she mainly uses team sport as an opportunity to explore that other great passion – talking! A favourite anecdote is the story of her as a child playing field hockey where she was seen, in the middle of a game, leaning on her hockey stick talking to Holly, her best friend. The ball went through the tiny gap directly between them…. and they both kept right on chatting!

Maddi comes from a musical family with many of her extended family involved in contemporary music at church. As a teenager her mother Amanda was a sought after wedding singer in the local community while her Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Ben went on to sing professionally. Maddi’s grandmother Trish (on her dad’s side) is still an active school music teacher, choir director and classical piano teacher.

Music was always going to become a big part of Maddi’s life. At 13 Maddi began to teach herself guitar, with some direction from her elder brother Lachlan, who is both friend and mentor to Maddi in many ways. She also discovered that she had a passion for song writing at this time, writing her song “Beautiful” at just 14 years of age. Yet to ‘fall in love’ and living a relatively incident free life, her songs are written from the perspective of a ‘normal’ teenage girl, sharing every day concerns or joys that she goes through. She loves many types of musical styles but really enjoys rock as a genre, with its emphasis on live performance and connecting with the crowd, her favourite element.

Not likely or wanting to be seen as the ‘bad girl’ of rock, Maddi is a determined young lady who has quite definite viewpoints on many of today’s issues based on her personal Christian faith, yet sees her faith as something that frees her to be herself, not restrict her. She sings many songs with a passion and conviction that belies her age, while others burst with the enthusiasm of her free spirit.

Bud and Roach Live Radio Show, Tuesday January 15,2013 Brooklyn, NY Tune In and Listen Worldwide to Maddi Rose,Live on the Radio, Along with band member violinist Aya and bass and guitar player Lachlan (AKA Lucky!)

The Bitter End, Wednesday January 16,2013 New York, NY

diPiazza's Monday, January,21 Long Beach, Ca.

Whiskey a Go GO Tuesday January 22 Hollywood, Ca.


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